My Son Went to War

In need of solitude, I walk to the barn. My boy Zach and I had painted it his favorite shade of red earlier that summer.
The smell of fresh paint mixed with the natural scent of its inhabitants.
I open the oversized doors that swing outward to accommodate the tractor. They feel heavier than usual today and as I walk inside, my first thought is that I had never realized how big and empty the barn is. Perhaps it’s just a reflection of the way I am feeling inside.

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The world is perpetually changing,
our lives in continuous flux.
Peace dwells in nooks and crannies,
so obscure it’s overlooked.

I searched the whole world over,
for peace throughout the haze.
I discovered its splendid beauty,
when within I turned my gaze.

In myself I found acceptance,
and the world soon followed suit.
The peace I sought was in my heart,
Self-love was all it took.

~Tara Payne Steele


Butterflies kissing roses for sweet nectar
Chasing lightening bugs on a warm summer evening
Admiring glorious daybreaks and vermilion sunsets
Endless stars that engulf the sky.

A cordial smile from a total stranger
A story that takes me to undiscovered places
My daughters’ laughter at my silliness
My family’s love empowering me.

A sweet, creative, and loving man
A goodnight kiss that lasts all night
Being madly in love when making love
Intimate connections with unconditional acceptance.

Following my dreams in spite of the odds
Spiritual guidance from the universe
Living for today, yet dreaming of tomorrow
Loving myself and acknowledging my past.

All these nurture my spirit and I am truly grateful.

~Tara Payne Steele

I Wanted You to be The One

My dreams of love were vivid and true
My heart sang a song of longing
I met you one day and instantly knew
You had to be the one.

I opened my heart and you stepped in
Our similarities were uncanny
You matched my soul unlike other men
I prayed you were the one.

I wanted you to comfort and keep me near
unconditional love I gave you
I was deceived now one thing’s clear
Thank God you’re not the one.

~Tara Payne Steele

Nine to Five in a Cube

I am a writer stuck in a cube,
visions of happiness silently subdued.

My bored right-brain soundly sleeps,
startled awake when the fax machine beeps.

I stand at the copier mulling over my dreams,
escape’s my only hope, or so it seems.

I hear the ringing of the telephone,
while my heart yearns only to be left alone.

While stuck in a cube from nine to five,
my creativity aches to be alive.

I strive for an office with a door,
will that undoubtedly valuate me more?

I try to evoke creative energies,
gasping for insight in doldrums seas.

I realize that life in a cubicle for me,
is not as rewarding as I’d hoped it would be.

~Tara Payne Steele

Bigmama’s Sweet Tea

Sweetened rays of sunlight served in a chilled Mason Jar
Life’s nectar that relieves the parched throat of the Southern summer
Condensation glides down the side
Inviting me to sip…
and sip…
and sip some more
I open my eyes and see only ice cubes
Sadness blankets my soul
as the last drop of sweetness lingers on my lips
I sigh with satisfaction…
…and pour more

~Tara Payne Steele