Butterflies kissing roses for sweet nectar
Chasing lightening bugs on a warm summer evening
Admiring glorious daybreaks and vermilion sunsets
Endless stars that engulf the sky.

A cordial smile from a total stranger
A story that takes me to undiscovered places
My daughters’ laughter at my silliness
My family’s love empowering me.

A sweet, creative, and loving man
A goodnight kiss that lasts all night
Being madly in love when making love
Intimate connections with unconditional acceptance.

Following my dreams in spite of the odds
Spiritual guidance from the universe
Living for today, yet dreaming of tomorrow
Loving myself and acknowledging my past.

All these nurture my spirit and I am truly grateful.

~Tara Payne Steele

Author: Tara Payne Steele

Poetry, flash fiction, short stories, novels, & nature photography. Completing Ph.D. in Psychology & Creativity Studies. Write psychological drama (with an occasional paranormal twist), as well as, individual & social consciousness themes. My spirit lives in my creativity.

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