Broken Mirror at Her Feet

Broken shards lay at her bare feet reflecting a life torn asunder
Seven years of cursed luck could never rival
A lifetime of suffering
Her dreams fade as smoke in the wind
To love and be loved
Their few happy memories lay shattered at her feet
Heaved from his broken promises
Her penury soul facing an unforgiving destiny
Her tears flow freely down the rapids of desolation
The rejection of her beloved shatters her heart
Violating her pliable mind
She is nothing without him
She is ugly
She is broken
She can not go on
She reaches for a narrow sliver to pierce her tender flesh
Imagining the warmth flowing from her veins contrasting the chill within her soul
In one fleeting moment her eyes are reflected in the shard
Eyes bearing hope
Eyes bearing beauty
Eyes bearing spirit
Eyes bearing the desire to live
As the reflector crashes to the floor breaking into minute pieces
She realizes that it is only glass and he is only one man.

My Son Went to War

In need of solitude, I walk to the barn. My boy Zach and I had painted it his favorite shade of red earlier that summer.
The smell of fresh paint mixed with the natural scent of its inhabitants.
I open the oversized doors that swing outward to accommodate the tractor. They feel heavier than usual today and as I walk inside, my first thought is that I had never realized how big and empty the barn is. Perhaps it’s just a reflection of the way I am feeling inside.

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