Nine to Five in a Cube

I am a writer stuck in a cube,
visions of happiness silently subdued.

My bored right-brain soundly sleeps,
startled awake when the fax machine beeps.

I stand at the copier mulling over my dreams,
escape’s my only hope, or so it seems.

I hear the ringing of the telephone,
while my heart yearns only to be left alone.

While stuck in a cube from nine to five,
my creativity aches to be alive.

I strive for an office with a door,
will that undoubtedly valuate me more?

I try to evoke creative energies,
gasping for insight in doldrums seas.

I realize that life in a cubicle for me,
is not as rewarding as I’d hoped it would be.

~Tara Payne Steele

Author: Tara Payne Steele

Poetry, flash fiction, short stories, novels, & nature photography. Completing Ph.D. in Psychology & Creativity Studies. Write psychological drama (with an occasional paranormal twist), as well as, individual & social consciousness themes. My spirit lives in my creativity.

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