Lush vines ensnare
The tangled mass firmly secures
the empty vessel that is me
I look below, only hopelessness
I look above, only despair
Before me shadows move
wraiths awaiting my demise
Coldness grips what is left of my soul
Living untruths
My mind descends into madness
A shell deprived of that which feels life
Dying slowly
No light can penetrate the vines that grow ever thicker, binding tighter
Suffocating hope
Will my soul rot as the leaves decay in the vast emptiness of time wasted?
Will I hunger no more for dreams unfulfilled?
I blindly reach out, grasping for freedom
Thorny vines dig deeper, piercing my flesh
Determined to escape
I fight for deliverance
Beyond that which is  known
Beyond that which is safe
As I fade to dust, I float above the dried vines
I am transformed by the dynamic process of faith
faith in life
faith in love
faith in dreams
The renewed me basks in the glow of Self discovery
I inhale sweet life
As I exhale the dried vines float away, never to return.

Author: Tara Payne Steele

Poetry, flash fiction, short stories, novels, & nature photography. Completing Ph.D. in Psychology & Creativity Studies. Write psychological drama (with an occasional paranormal twist), as well as, individual & social consciousness themes. My spirit lives in my creativity.

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